Why exhibit at wedding fairs?

With wedding fair season fast approaching, we often hear wedding suppliers ask why they should exhibit wedding fairs. 

For many companies, both large and small, attending a local wedding fair is a must and we’re not just saying that because its our business. It is a valuable way of putting your business out there and engaging with brides, grooms and their bride squad! You never know when the rest of the bride tribe are going to get married too! Sometimes, it’s not just the bride & groom who are the target market. Especially if your company offers party or event services too.

It is often true with the saying, you get what you pay for. What do you get for your money? That is a big question that you should be asking as an exhibitor. At some shows, all you get is your space, then it’s extra for a table, electricity, flyers in goody bags etc etc. Whereas some fairs offer you a table, chairs, publicity prior to and after the event and more.

We do have some suppliers say that they have tried wedding fairs and that they don’t work. Our answer is what shows have you done? Have you spent £50 and not had anything back? Ask yourself how an events company is going to market that show and get those couples through the door with minimal budget.


To make sure that you get the most out of your stand and return of investment, you need to be prepared.

If a supplier is new to the wedding business, we would suggest visiting some local fairs to get a feel for the venue and check out the competition. It’s always a good idea to see what other competitors stands look like.

Exhibiting goals

As an exhibitor, what do you want to gain from exhibiting? Obviously you want bookings but aside from that, how are you going to market yourself, how many appointments do you want to book, are you going to take details of brides and if so, how are you going to transfer those leads into sales?

We as an events company, can try and get as many brides & grooms through the door as possible, but that doesn’t necessarily mean more bookings for you. After all, its quality not quantity. We can’t make someone buy your product. Depending upon what you offer, couples are buying into you as a person and not just what you offer. This couldn’t be more true for myself as a photographer, especially as they have to spend all day with me! It is like having a special VIP pass to someones wedding who you have only met a handful of times, when other guests have probably known them for many years and spent a considerable amount of time with them.

I always think that first impressions are key, especially in this business. You have to ask yourself if you are giving off the right message for what you want to achieve. It is sometimes difficult to work out what you want to portray and where your market lies. If you are lucky enough to have some help in your company then it’s not just you as the owner who needs to be passionate about what you offer. Your staff are on show too. Can they represent you as well as you do yourself?

Firefly Tipis stand at The Stunning Spring Wedding Fair

Quite some time ago, we put together a list of Top Exhibiting Tips. Why not check them out and see if there is something that perhaps you haven’t thought about. 

One thing that we do say to exhibitors is that you have to give the show a fair chance to work. Results may not be immediate on the day, but relationships created are. Think long term as well as short term.

We have lots of shows on the horizon with our first this Sunday – The Stunning Autumn Wedding Fair at The Forum in Norwich. It is our longest standing show and is on neutral ground, as the venue itself is not a wedding venue. If you want to promote your business this Autumn or 2020, then why not check out our forthcoming shows. After all, what have you got to lose?

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