What to look for in a Wedding Videographer

This guest blog on “What to look for in a Wedding Videographer” is written by Peter Breame of DreamCapture Wedding Films.

Hello! Here is a little insight in what to look for in a wedding Videographer. It’s a minefield looking at wedding suppliers, and videography is no different.

So in no order of importance, here are a few things to consider.

Does the Videographer have much experience?

There are no second chances on your wedding day to get the footage and capture the memories.

Do I like their style?

Watch different samples of the Videographers work. Ask for wedding samples that show ceremony and/or vows to decide if the audio is up to scratch.

How long is the film they produce? 

Some videographers only provide a short montage, so be sure you know exactly what you are paying for. I provide a 60-90 minute film plus a highlights montage. Why do I do this, its because your wedding is all day , so my films take in all parts of the day….. no short measures.


Look for reviews written by their clients. Meet them and chat about your wedding day.


Meet and chat with your short listed Videographers. Are they accommodating? Do you get a good feeling when communicating with them? Are they excited by talking to you? Enthusiasm is key, as it means they love what they do! After all, they will be spending the whole day with you.

Legal stuff

Are they insured? Yes I know it’s a boring subject to ask them, but it’s a sign of professionalism.


The age old sore point – cost.

If you find the Videographer whose films make you cry with happiness, you will probably not be overly concerned by their price as they will fulfil your want and need for a beautifully made keepsake of your wedding day. You will be fully invested in the process. Even so, prices go from around £600 – £7,000 BUT also bear in mind it’s what speaks to you. That may not be the £7,000 Videographer….. here’s hoping anyway!

I hope you have a fabulous wedding day!

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