Say Yes to the Dress!

You have chosen your venue and now you need to get the dress just right! This is a little insider knowledge for you brought to you by City Brides Norwich.

Most shops will be looking at the autumn dresses now. The designers are moving away from the deeper plungers and moving onto a softer neckline pretty scoops are defiantly in for next season with dainty strap detail. 3d flowers on dresses and veils will be big this autumn. Soft crepes, chiffons and lace are still the main materials, but we are seeing sparkle tulles used to give a softer glimmer. Darker shades for a more dramatic look, Boho is still very in with soft drapes over lace detail and cheeky splits in skirts. Of course we cannot forget the ball gown! Designers are using larger flower appliques that peep in and out as you walk, they are using horse hair stiffening that helps the skirt remain in softer pleats, again colour is used behind the flowers to make them stand out.

Give yourself at least 6 months for the dress to arrive and the alterations to be completed. Start a year before the wedding. Choose your shops, check them out on social media it is where new season gowns are shown and offers are normally posted.

Top Tips for your Appointment:

  • Most shops get booked up on Saturday, so book your appointments in plenty of time.
  • We suggest neutral under wear and a strapless bra if you have one.
  • You will not need your chosen wedding shoes at this stage.
  • Have pictures on your phone to give an idea of the style that you are looking for. However, if you do not have any ideas, don’t worry, it is the bridal boutiques job to assist you.
  • Make the assistant aware if you are intending a weight change.
  • Assistants do come into the changing room, so if you would rather they didn’t, let them know.

So to choosing your Dress and what to look out for…

  1. Firstly set your budget to include the cost of alterations.
  2. Take special care in choosing the guest you ask to join you. Take a good hard look at who needs to be there. Is anyone helping to pay for the dress? Try to choose positive people. Some friends can be very critical and you want this to be a happy experience. You want to feel comfortable. Shops may also restrict the number of guests you bring.
  3. Forget about sizes! Wedding dresses are completely different to the high street.
  4. Be open to trying different styles. You will be surprised at how different they look on from the hanger.
  5. All wedding dresses need alterations, especially the length at that stage the dressmaker will add bustle loops.
  6. It is best to book the dressmaker well in advance. You do not want the alterations to be finished a few days before the wedding.

Thank you to City Brides Norwich for writing this guest blog. If you would like further information on what they offer, head over to their website here.

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