Putting the WOW into your Wedding Decor

There are many important aspects to your wedding. The food, the drink, the venue, the photography, the dress and then there is the decor. Some couples spend a lot of time, thought and money on their decor and some not so much. However, Decorating your venue is one of the most fun parts of your wedding journey. Wheather you decided to DIY, to hire props or have a full on venue decorator or stylist.
The decor for your wedding is the first look for your guests and will set the scene for your whole wedding day. It’s a way to get your personality across, your likes, style and interests.
Pick and book your venue first then decide on your decor. Some venues may require more decor and some a lot less. Work together with your venue and utilise its key areas. Choose areas that you love and spaces that you are not so keen on (if any).
Your venue may have beautiful beams which would look stunning dressed with fairy lights, hanging lanterns or floral displays. Use these to your advantage.
Decor by Prestige Events & Weddings. Lights by Epic Event Hire
Your venue may have a fire place you would like to dress with foliage garlands and glass jars with candles to create some romantic lighting.
Some aspects may require very little decor at all, such as a beautiful flint wall backdrop. That’s a wow factor in itself.
The venue may have some areas you would like to hide such as storage doors or maybe a window that over looks a public golf course or beer garden. Again – choose your decor to work with this. Draping is very ‘in’ at the moment and you could use drapes to drape part of your venue. A floral wall or some block backdrop to put infront of the storage doors, provided that  access is not required or that is not a fire door!
Highlight and Hide as I like to call it. That is the key.
Decor by Prestige Events & Weddings. Hanging Lanterns & Lights by Sam Race Venue Decoration

Wedding Decor Budget

Next Set a budget for your decor and write a list of what you would like starting with the must haves. Decor can become expensive and it’s so easy to go over budget without having a clear idea of what you would actually like. You can end up with alot of ‘stuff’ and quickly go over budget, but actually have very little decor and key points missed with huge areas of your venue left without any decor.
Decor by Prestige Events & Weddings.

Colour scheme

Have you chosen a colour scheme? Picking a colour scheme is a major part of your decor. You need to make sure your wedding space and decor match and that falls down to the colour(s) you pick. Pick your colour and incorporate that into your decor. This will create a seamless look and finish.
The colour scheme also needs to work with your chosen wedding venue. Your venue may be a hotel where carpets are slightly dated and built to last as they say. If your venue has bright blue patterned carpets with yellow curtains, you wouldn’t want to throw too much more colour into the mix. It’s all about working with your venue.
On the other hand, if you’re not a huge fan of colours then work with textures instead. Embellishments, crushed velvet, chiffon, lace or sequins to name by a few options. This will help create depth within your wedding with minimal colour.

Pick a theme

With so many variations and wedding styles to choose from it can be overwhelming, but pick a theme or style that best matches you and your personality. There are many styles or themes of weddings such as modern, rustic, casual, bohemian, festival, floral, extravagant, classic, vintage, whimsical and more. Pick one that works for you.

Your ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your day. All eyes are on you! It’s also the quickest part of your day.
While you want your ceremony to look beautiful and you’ll want to create a memorable and magical set up for your ever lasting pictures, you’re guests are going to be spending most of their time at the wedding breakfast and reception. If you don’t have a huge budget to decorate both parts of your wedding, then plan your decor/hire/DIY items that you can use at both your ceremony and wedding breakfast.
Have the beautiful ceremony set up then simply move the decor to your wedding breakfast and reception. However don’t under estimate how stunning a simple aisle runner, some floral runners or glass jars with candles and chair dressing look.
Decor by Prestige Events & Weddings.


Choosing the perfect centrepieces can be tricky and hard to get right if you haven’t picked your theme or colour yet. The centrepieces is the focus of your table and something your guests will spend a lot of time looking at. Decide if you want florals or glass wear and candles. Or you could mix & match and have elements of both.
Decide if you want low key and minimal or huge and extravagant. When it comes to centrepieces height is everything. Either go low or high – there is nothing worse than an in-between centrepiece and your guests are having to lean over and turn their heads to speak across the table.
Before deciding on the height of your centrepieces also think about your venue again, the space you have and how many guests you have. If your venue is small, has low ceilings and you are cramming in as many guests as possible some centrepieces can look cluttered and over crowded. You may then want to mix & match again with having some low and some high arrangements.
Decor by Prestige Events & Weddings.

Wedding Decor in a nutshell

To keep it short, before you plan your decor pick your venue, set a budget, choose a colour scheme and/or theme. Your decor planning and journey will be much more enjoyable and much more cost effective if you have a plan and a clear Idea of what you would like your dream wedding to look like.
A good tip is to make a mood board or scroll through Pinterest, Instagram and style wedding blogs to get some ideas on your dream decor for your perfect day.
Thank you to Sammy from Prestige Events & Weddings for writing this guest blog. You can find them at some of our wedding shows or pop over to their website here.
* Feature Image Credits – Decor by Prestige Events & Weddings. Lights by Epic Event Hire. Photography by G&L Photography.

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