Lockdown wedding

Following on from our last blog about a lockdown wedding and getting married with the current COVID restrictions, our next guest blog is from a couple who did just that!

Hi Amy here (The new Mrs P)! I am not only invested in other people’s weddings as a full time bridal consultant for Prima Donna Bridal Norwich, but also last month became a 2020 bride against all odds!

This year has been full of challenges and disappointment for many of the brides I care for in my line of work, but also for myself and my new husband. First came anxiety from the threat of COVID-19 potentially destroying our April wedding plans. Then devastation when the reality hit that our wedding would not be happening in April. Next came the waiting period. That seemed like forever! The blows delivered by the government regarding the wedding industry and guidelines seemed relentless. But finally, on the 5th August, we did it! For the whole of August I was also getting feedback from several of our brides that successfully managed to join the 2020 I do crew! Every single bride I have spoken too who has managed to marry in 2020 has said exactly the same thing… ‘I wouldn’t of changed a thing!’

Love conquers all

For many of us, circumstances have been the perfect excuse to conduct small intimate weddings with lots of love and much less cost! My advice to any couple right now who are planning weddings or who are nearing the important day is this: ‘love conquers all’. While it’s nice to plan a big fancy day with lots of people and all the frills, it’s the marriage and the love that these couples share with each other that makes a wedding! Remember why you are getting married and who you are getting married for, then the process will become far less stressful all of a sudden I promise.
Thank you to Amy from Prima Donna Bridal for an insight into both sides of the current wedding industry with their own lockdown wedding.
Photography credits – Jeremy James Weddings

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