COVID has ruled our lives for a year now and has turned the wedding and events industries (amongst other things) upside down. We have all been affected by this same storm, but not necessarily been in the same boat. I’m not going to lie, it’s not been the easiest of sailing, but we’re here and it’s going to take more than a global pandemic to wipe us out.


Following the Chancellor’s Roadmap to Recovery, there is light at the end of the tunnel and good times are coming! And boy is there going to be some celebrating over the next few years to make up for this lost time.

Unfortunately we did have to postpone our April wedding fairs, but we are confident that the Autumn will be a buzzing time for wedding fairs and the world of events. With events permissible from no earlier than 17th May, we have learnt over the past year to not make plans so close to proposed dates. After all, it doesn’t take much for those to be rearranged. The 21st of June should see the end of all social distancing. Some may ask why we haven’t scheduled our shows for earlier in the summer months?

Well the answer is simple. Firstly, like we said, it’s not always best to arrange dates around anticipated government dates. Secondly, we want couples to enjoy our wedding fairs with no restrictions and lastly, we’re hoping that our fabulous wedding suppliers are going to be so busy catching up making brides & grooms dreams come true, that they won’t have time to spare to exhibit at a wedding show.

Two hands put together to make a heart with a rainbow filter. The symbol of COVID.


Autumn is certainly going to be a crazy time here at MJR Events, because we’ve got a lot of catching up to do. We are bringing you 6 events during that time, with the possibility of more! I guess you will just have to ‘watch this space’ on that though.

Over this past year, we’ve been working hard behind the scene to maintain our presence via social media channels in the virtual world. Let face it, this has been the main source of communication for everyone during this past year. We felt that it was important to let people know there we are still here and to not just pull down the shutters. There is life after COVID, so watch out East Anglia because we’re coming for ya!

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