Do we need a Wedding Car?


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Couples planning their wedding should have a thrilling, enjoyable run up to it with as little stress as possible.

Of course, there are vital choice ingredients for the big day such as which venue? What type of entertainment? Which photographer? Most couples manufacture a list and ease through each category gradually and then come to the question….

“Do we need transport to the wedding?”

Bride & Groom driving down a road in a Beauford car with just married on the back.

Obviously, a church wedding will require transport to and then onto the venue for the newlyweds wedding breakfast & reception. An all-day venue wedding may mean the bride stays the night before at the venue and feels the car is not required. However, there would still be need for the groom to arrive. How about the car staying during the service and once the “I-do’s are over the newly weds return to the wedding car for photographs and a well-earned “getaway” romantic drive enjoying a glass of bubbly?

Bride & Groom sat at a table in a field enjoying a glass of bubbly with their wedding car in the background

The feedback we have had from couples is that the drive round was one of the best and most memorable parts of their wedding day. Some have had the photographer follow the wedding car to a pre-arranged stop for photographs. Whilst others have had extreme ideas whilst on the drive like visiting a McDonalds drive through!

Choosing your transport, like all other parts of the selection process, should be stress-free. We recommend viewing a choice of cars. Your perspective supplier will be happy for you to sit in them, discuss the right vehicle for you, options you would have and how your car will be presented on the day.

Here is a list of helpful hints & tips for choosing your wedding transport.

For short journeys from home to church or venue, there may be the option of using just one car with more than one journey (e.g. Bridesmaids first).

The groom arrives one hour before the wedding, so the same mode of transport could be used to collect the bridal party.

Your wedding car is a fabulous prop for the wedding photographs. Snaps will be enjoyed years later in the album, so use the car as much as possible in these.

You wedding car supplier will have ribbons, bows, petals and flowers to match your colour scheme, so do discuss the presentation of the car.

As above … It is nice to view the wedding car and meet the supplier. Visiting wedding shows are a possible way of doing this as well.

It is years of wedding custom that the bride buys her groom a present on the big day. A car to get him to the church on time makes a super gift!

We wish you all the very best on your big day and in the meantime “HAPPY PLANNING”

Grooms party lined up in front of Hummer at Southwood Hall in Norfolk

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