6 Reasons To Book A Magician For Your Wedding Day

Most wedding couples prioritise getting their perfect venue booked. They make sure their ideal photographer is available and of course the bride wants that jaw dropping dress. This often means wedding entertainment can get left till the last minute! Yet more often than not, its the entertainment that everyone remembers. 

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Most Brides and Grooms when looking back at their wedding wish they had spent more money on entertainment. Booking a magician for your special day is a great way to add an extra touch of amazement. A close up magician will be able to mix and mingle with your guests, astounding and entertaining them as they go, leaving behind unforgettable memories and the perfect wedding day atmosphere. 

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People who book a wedding magician are often those that are looking for their wedding to be memorable and unique. Here are 6 reasons you should book a magician or mindreader for your wedding day: 

Turn lull moments into highlights and create the perfect wedding day atmosphere

During a wedding day there are bound to be times where guests are standing waiting for the next part of the day to start. This can be when photos are being taken, or while waiting for food or the evening guests to arrive. This is the ideal time for a wedding magician to go from group-to-group. Let them entertain your guests with mind-blowing magic and mind-reading, creating a highlight in the day that people remember, as well as ensuring everyone is entertained.

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Breaks the ice between guests

Having a magician provides you and your guests an excellent talking point. It provides a shared experience for your guests to bond over. A magician mingles between groups of people, entertaining and bringing them together with incredible feats. Sitting down for the wedding meal can be a little awkward for guests who might not know each other. However, bringing in a magician to perform in-between courses can bring people together as they experience that sense of wonder collectively. It can also be used in the same way to ensure there is no awkward split between day and evening guests.  With a wedding magician you can have peace of mind you can stop worrying about keeping guests entertained and focus on enjoying your special day. 

Offering a rare experience

Many forms of wedding entertainment are not interactive. Having a magician is the ultimate in interactive entertainment, involving everyone and creating an entertaining and relaxed day.  Most of your guests will have never seen a magician, let alone up close! So by booking a magician you are truly giving your family and friends a special moment at your wedding they will remember forever. 

Perfect photography/videography opportunity

One unique benefit of booking a magician you may not have thought about is that it can create great photograph opportunities. Dropped jaws and animated faces provide many opportunities for your photographer or videographer to catch guests having an amazing time! Make sure to let them know you have booked a magician to capture these in actions. 

Ever lasting memories

Wedding couples are always looking for new and interesting ideas for their guests. A professional magician will create a lasting impressions with memories of that wow factor. A professional magician will also leave you and your guests with impossible souvenirs that will make sure the magic lives on beyond your wedding day.

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Versatile and hassle free

The best thing about being a magician is walking up to a group of people and getting them excited. No matter where your guests are, if they are spread out around the venue or move from outside to inside due to unexpected weather conditions, a close-up magician can still mingle with your guests. They can keep them engaged and entertained. Magicians are also not limited to close up they can provide opportunities to perform a show for all guests on stage as a centrepiece for your guests. Wedding magicians can provide a flexible entertainment solution for your wedding reception.

So thats it 6 reasons to book a magician for your wedding day. If you are interested in booking a wedding magician many get booked up years in advance, so it’s a good idea to book early. Once you have booked you can relax in knowing your guests will be amazed and entertained throughout your day.  I hope this article has been helpful. If you would like to discuss your wedding in more detail contact Dean Odell via his website.

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