Little AdVan Co. Mobile Advertising Norfolk Suffolk

The Little AdVan Co. – Mobile Advertising in Norfolk and Suffolk

The Little AdVan Co.- Mobile Advertising in Norfolk and Suffolk

The Little AdVan Co. is a new addition to MJR Events and is available to help promote your business through mobile advertising in Norfolk & Suffolk. Last Friday, we went on a little road trip to the other side of the country to collect Billie, the Little AdVan and bring her to her new home in Norfolk. It was a long, slow and uncomfortable journey as Billie was not built for speed or comfort!

Our AdVan can be driven or placed to target your audience. Whether static or mobile, with a 6ft x 5ft billboard, this van is sure to attract attention wherever it goes! Booking The Little AdVan Co. you can ensure your advert is seen by thousands of people every day whether in their cars or on foot. The Little AdVan is a cost effective part of any advertising campaign.

Why book The Little AdVan Co? Well, we have all seen the large abandoned trailers on roundabouts and in hedges, the truth is that without planning permission from the appropriate council, these are illegal and can be removed at any time. With our little van Billie, being taxed and having a MOT, it is perfectly legal for her to be parked safely on a highway, lay by or in a public car park. Being small, compact and easily manoueverable, Billie takes up very little space! In fact, no more than a normal car parking space.

We purchased Billie to help promote our own events and to raise awareness of our events, both wedding fairs and The Norfolk Bump & Beyond Baby and Toddler Fair. In between, we would like to keep her busy, so for more information, including prices, please give us a call or email [email protected] We can even arrange artwork design and printing of the billboard if required!

Little AdVan Co. Mobile Advertising Norfolk Suffolk

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