coastal aesthetics was formed in 2017 by Beccy and Jo who have been both friends and colleagues for over 20 years.
They both have a vast amount of experience in the clinical environment, Beccy is a Staff Nurse and Jo is an operating theatre practitioner. Both work within surgical areas at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital too.
They completed their training with Harley Street medical company Derma Medical and are fully qualified to carry out a broad range of treatments.
These include :
• Wrinkle relaxing injections
• Dermal fillers ( lips, cheeks, nasolabial, mouth to chin, tear troughs.
• Chemical Peels
• Removal of skin imperfections (skin tags, warts, verrucae, skin pigmentation)
They also offer one of the newest aesthetics treatments to the market, the dermal filler 5-point face lift.
As registered medical practitioners they are fully insured by cosmetic insure to safely undertake all the treatments provided and are also registered with professional bodies such as BACN ( British Association of Cosmetic Nurses) and ACE (Aesthetic complication expert).
Beccy and Jo feel that the most important aspect of any procedure is client safety, client comfort, and a realistic satisfactory outcome for their clients.
Client confidentiality remains at all times paramount and both Beccy and Jo adhere to their codes of professional conduct.
Free consultations are available to ensure you have time to make an informed decision on your treatments

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Tel: 07879 421745 / 07917 122441

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