9 Tops Tips for Excelling at Exhibiting

So you’ve booked an exhibition space at your local trade fair. Now what?

Exhibiting at trade shows and fairs can be a great way to market your business – you’re meeting potential customers face to face. But that means that creating the right first impression is critical. The more potential customers you can attract to your stand, the more sales leads you’ll achieve. Getting the basics right can mean the difference between a successful show and a disappointing waste of time and money.

Here are a few of my top tips for getting the most out of your stand.

  1. Tell people you’re going to be there!

    Use social media and even your own client database to invite people to come and meet you at the fair. Continuing to talk about the event on social media on the day will help to attract more customers too.

  2. Communicate with the organisers.

    Know what’s included in the stand price.Make sure you have asked for everything you need such as power, tablecloths etc. as this may be difficult to arrange on the day. Check that the organisers are fully aware of the products and services that you will be promoting from your stand. Make sure you are aware of the set up times for the fair and that you know about access to the venue and parking.

  3. Check the small print.

    If you’re exhibiting in a public place you will need public liability insurance and PAT testing on any electrical equipment that plugs in. If you are selling or giving away food that you have prepared you may be asked to show your food safety certificate. Make sure you are aware of both the organiser’s and the venue’s regulations.

  4. Know what you want to achieve.

    Are you aiming to collect contact details of potential customers to contact after the show? Are you aiming to sell directly from your stand? Do you want to take orders and payment on the day? Being clear what you want to achieve will help make sure you get the results you want. Lots of shows are annual, or even more frequent, so knowing whether you achieved what you set out to achieve will also help you decide whether to rebook in the future.

  5. Prepare your marketing materials.

    Make sure you’ve ordered plenty of business cards and flyers to take and ensure the information on these is current and correct. Also make sure that your website and social media are up to date – customers may look you up after the show to get more information.

  6. Make sure people can quickly see who you are.

    Use signs, banners, flags and/or table cloths on your stand so that visitors can see at a glance who you are and what you do.

  7. Practice your stand set up in advance.

    If this is your first fair, put your stand up somewhere before the day to make sure you know how it all looks and that it will fit in the space you’ve booked. This will save you time setting up on the day and make sure you look like a pro!

  8. Look the part!

    First impressions count so it’s massively important to have friendly, smart, smiley staff members on the day, maybe even wearing your branded clothing or a name badge. Avoid sitting behind a table on your stand. Stand out at the front and greet people as they approach. Avoid texting or staring at your phone. Eating on your stand also puts people off approaching you so try to arrange enough staff to cover lunch breaks.

  9. Consider running a show special offer.

    Running a show offer or prize draw will enable to you capture a list of prospective clients whereas a pile of freebies will not. Giveaways are great if they are relevant to what you are selling and, more importantly, branded but think carefully about where to spend your budget.